Liz Lange: Everyone needs a little green in their life, even if it's not St. Patty's day That said, green can be tricky especially if worn close to your face and we certainly do not recommend wearing it head to toe. But the right tone of green can actually be extremely flattering.   Jane and I had a consultation with color expert Jill Kirsh and it was pretty eye-opening.  I was under the common misconception that makeup/clothing color directly relates to your skin tone. While I would not completely discount that (I mean how many of us can look as magical as Lupita in her flowing blue Oscar dress) I have come to believe (with Jill's help) that hair color is a HUGE part of the equation. After all your hair does frame your face.

Jane Wagman: Jill changed my life. There I said it. That said, if a color is not close to my face I do stray from my "approved" colors. Jill has a pretty easy system.

Liz:  If you ask me, all that glitters is GOLD! The Olympics has had us all dreaming of gold. But truth be told, I have always been a gold girl! In fact I have been known to reject a beautiful purse just because the hardware on it was the "wrong" color.

Jane: J'adore gold especially goldendoodles!

Liz Lange: Why is my sister so consumed with animal jewelry? Every time I look at her hand she has a new animal insect crawling up her finger. I'm not kidding, I think she has a snake ring, snake earrings, an eagle ring, a ring in the shape of a moth (?), I think I saw a diamond ghekko... How am I doing Jane? Missing anything?

Jane Wagman: Je pense no! And you are correct, I do have a bad case of jungle fever. It all started with that jumbo gold Cartier panther ring. Damn you Cartier. Honestly I love something kind of weird - like a moth, scorpio, hedgehog... done in a really elegant way. It makes you do a double take. Now if I could only get my grubby hands on all of the above items or more accurately if only I get all the above on my grubby hands, ears, neck, wrist...

Figue Military Jacket
Jane: I'm not gonna lie, I know these jackets are pricey but as our mother would say, "Jane, that jacket owes you NOTHING!". What she means by that is that I literally wear mine every day: as outerwear, under my winter coat, with a vest on top, with a big cardigan under... There is no outfit that isn't just a wee bit better with my Figue military jacket. They are all one of a kind so you won't see yourself comin' and goin'.

Li-lac Chocolates
$ your choice
Liz: Here is the thing, We live in New York City where there is no shortage of fancy chocolatiers. I have a bunch of faves but Li-lac is the one that I schlep to Grand Central for to get my fix. Jane's obsessed with the dark choclate pretzels. Personally, I'm all about the milk chocolate peanut clusters.

Photocube Printer
I love me some Shutterfly but sometimes I just want to plug that thing in and get my pictures ASAP. 'Nuff said. Oh and if you are not yet loving Fancy, you should be.